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Below is an article written in the "Examiner" in March 2012 by Jane Finch describing the process. "Quantum Physics: Healing the root cause of illness and disease."

John Winstead is a pioneer. He calls himself a prospector. Not the kind you might think. He is a prospector of information.

Energy information. The kind of information that can change your life in an instant. And, how does he do this? He asks your body. And, guess what? Your body answers back.

Many people are familiar with biofeedback; a process of becoming aware of various physiological reactions of the body, and then being able to control them as needed.

At first the process of biofeedback requires instruments to control the response, but eventually, these changes can be made without them.

What John does is similar to biofeedback, but it goes beyond what we traditionally know about the process, and truly utilizes a combination of body, mind and spirit to come to an awareness of imbalance in the body.

It is using quantum physics, a study of the subatomic level where energy is. The idea that we create our reality. From a health perspective, believing that every cell has a system of its own; it operates on energy, and that energy is a reflection of our subconscious programming. Good or bad.

The method John uses is a form of bio-scalar energy healing. This form of energy has existed since the beginning of time, but only recently have scientists really discovered it and how to use it.

He started using this process years ago based on a patented technique involving the use of magnets to determine the polarity of the energy in the body.

John has practiced this technique to the point where he no longer has to use the magnets to get the same results.

John points out this important observation. There are many “experts” out there; chiropractors, herbalists, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors etc. They all have their specialty.

And, not all things work for everyone. That is because the root cause is not the same for everyone. But, doesn’t it make sense to get to the root cause.. and who knows what that cause is better than your own body?

In a personal demonstration, John showed me exactly how this process works. Sitting comfortably in an easy chair, feet up,

John very gently holds the bottom of my feet. Shoes don’t even have to come off. He starts off at the foundation.. the liver; asking the body if there is any imbalance.

If there is imbalance, one leg actually becomes noticeably shorter. In my case, the right one.. about 2 inches. He asks if this is due to a vitamin/mineral deficiency. Even legs. He then asks if this is an environmental deficiency. Again, even leg.

But, when he asks if this is an emotional stress, the leg becomes short again. Mmmm.. curious. As he continues to move up the body, asking different areas if they are in balance, a theme emerges.

It seems there is an emotional block that is causing stress to my body. All the areas he found an imbalance in, are areas that connect with issues that I have had. And, I have felt for a long time, that they were not related to a nutritional deficiency but rather to an emotional one.

In a few short moments, with intentional and direct questions, John was able to track back to the source of the emotional distress that I had carried with me for many years.

There are two emotions that we operate out of: fear and love. Negative emotions are associated with fear, and positive ones are associated with love.

When we operate out of the negative emotions (or fear) we experience distress (or dis-ease) in our body; our physical body and our emotional/spiritual body.

John was able to then help me release the negative energy that I had been carrying around with me for over 40 years and replace it with the emotion that heals us - love.

The subconscious mind is programmed by either love or fear. Since our cells our based on energy, if the subconscious mind is programmed with fear, our body will react accordingly - with chronic issues such as depression, cancer or chronic disease.

Trying to understand how this process works is a lot like trying to understand how your TV is able to receive all the different channels it does, or how your cell phone is capable of doing all the things it does. But, the reality was very clear - my right leg was noticeably shorter with certain lines of questioning.

John takes the theory and applies it in a very real and powerful way to get to the root of the problem. In my case, I was able to understand why I developed cancer, and everything he told me resonated in me that he was correct in the information he was able to gather from what my “subconscious” told him.

Another important note about this. Scalar energy is an energy that can be “charged” with additional energetic information. Research shows that the focused intentions used in scalar energy healing have profound and beneficial effects on living matter, not only on living tissue and organs, but even on human DNA.

In addition to being able to access this information within the body/spirit, John has also been able to capture the ability to “charge” the body with bioenergetic frequencies.

Information about this process is covered in another article. 

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