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Star Shell

The Star Shell is a Divinely Inspired Spiritually Tuned BioEnergetic Device unlike anything on the planet.

The Star Shell is a result of years of discoveries around a form of BioScalar Energy that can be used to enhance health and wellness.

Spiritually Tuned BioScalar Energy can be used to imprint and encode harmonizing vibrations in water.

This energy instantly balances your body’s bioenergy field with nutritional frequencies just by touching it, holding it or every time you shower or drink water energized by your Star Shell.

Water Holds Memory In 1999 scientists at the European Union Physics Lab in France proved that water transfers memory.

Do a YouTube search on Water Has Memory… and be amazed!

Based on the discoveries in Quantum Physics, scientists have shown that you can record the frequency of a molecule, play it to other molecules like water and the frequency signal itself can take the place of the original molecule in initiating biological processes. (The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe - by Lynne McTaggart)

With the Star Shell You can touch it to your drinking water, wear it, or carry it in your pocket or purse.

The simplest way to avoid losing or damaging it is to simply tape your Star Shell to your water faucet, water line or to the neck of your shower head… That way you can set it and forget it.

The BioScalar energy of your Star Shell is so powerful that it easily passes through the pipe and transfers the frequency information to the water.

The result is high energy harmonizing water that your body absorbs and will balance your body’s bioenergy field as you shower.

The beneficial effects last about 2½ days with each exposure. When used on a daily basis your new spiritually tuned multi-dimensional bioenergized water will continue to strengthen, support, balance and harmonize the nutritional bioenergetic needs of your body.

Take a sip every time you shower. You can drink all you want as you can’t drink too much spiritual energy.

Amazing results can be seen instantly and demonstrated using a patented magnetic diagnostic procedure.

Watch the June 2020 demo at

Watch a demonstration of the beneficial effects of Star Shell bioenergized water from 2009 at 

Whenever you shower you will now be bathed in Spiritually Tuned Amplified Resonance Water. (STAR WATER) Testing suggests your Star Shell and water will hold this bioenergy indefinitely.

Your body can actually detect this powerful nutritional BioScalar energy over 20 feet away.

Watch the documentary “Water the Great Mystery” at

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work “Messages from Water” at

The Star Shell is not normally sold without a hands on personal demonstration...or a telephone conversation. You need to see and experience how powerful the technology is!

If interested call or email for pricing.

There is nothing on the planet like it ! It produces the world's most powerful nutritional energized water. It is backed by the $3000. Guarantee to be as powerful and effective as described...

See the "$3000. Challenge"

Here is a response from a customer from Hong Kong.

"Your products are really amazing!" "I have used “muscle testing” technique to test the Electro Magnetic Field tolerance of 4 persons before and after drinking the energized water."

"It showed the tolerance level went up high after drinking the energized water. And the difference was so big that those people thought I was playing some “magic” with them!" JY, Hong Kong.

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