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Quantum Qube

Now You Can Improve & Support Your Health with BioScalar Quantum Entanglement.

The Quantum Qube utilizes the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement combined with BioScalar Energy Technology.

This is a Divinely Inspired BioEnergetic Quantum Device unlike anything on the planet. Backed by a $3000. Guarantee!

Instructions: Simply put a sample of your DNA inside the Quantum Qube and close the lid.

The simplest way is to take a small piece of paper or napkin about the size of a postage stamp and moisten with your saliva. Simply fold it and place in the pocket in the middle of the box to hold it in place. Close the lid. A fingernail clipping or a piece of hair will also work.

Your DNA is now in a multi-dimensional BioScalar Wave Energy Field. This is Quantum Entanglement, which remotely connects you, every cell and DNA in your body with this bioenergy field at an unlimited distance continuously.

Remarkable results can be seen and demonstrated immediately.

Your Quantum Qube remotely at a distance transfers over one million health and wellness frequencies to every cell in your body, using a subtle spiritually tuned multi-dimensional BioEnergy Scalar Wave.

In short, quantum entanglement is a Quantum Physics event that occurs when sub atomic particles interact together and are then forever linked in a way that the measurement of one particle's quantum state changes the quantum state of the other particles instantly, no matter how far apart.

For a more detailed explanation of "Quantum Entanglement"…. do a Google or YouTube search.

Water Holds Memory

Based on the discoveries in Quantum Physics, scientists have shown that you can record the frequency of a molecule, play it to other molecules like water and the frequency signal itself can take the place of the original molecule in initiating biological processes. (The Field:The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe - by Lynne McTaggart)

Our bodies are over 70% water and every cell lives in an environment of water. Change the environment and you change health.

BioScalar Energy can be used to imprint and encode harmonizing nutritional frequency vibrations in water.

This BioEnergy can be remotely transferred to you at a distance via Quantum Entanglement.

As long as a sample of your DNA is in your Quantum Qube the amplified bioenergy will continue to strengthen, support, balance and harmonize the nutritional bioenergetic needs of your body…remotely at a distance.

In addition it protects you from the hazards of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and cell phone radiation, from the inside out. Amazing results can be seen instantly and demonstrated using a patented magnetic diagnostic procedure.

Watch latest demonstration from June 2020 at and from Sept 2019 and from 2014 of the Quantum Qube (Spooky Box) at and part 2 at

Now you can experience beneficial results remotely and automatically as long as your sample DNA is in your Quantum Qube utilizing BioScalar Quantum Entanglement.


Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real. In a landmark study, scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands reported that they had conducted an experiment that they say proved one of the most fundamental claims of quantum theory — that objects separated by great distance can instantaneously affect each other’s behavior.

The Quantum Qube is not normally sold without a hands on personal demonstration...or telephone conversation.

If interested call or email for pricing!

You need to see and experience how powerful this technology is!

There is nothing on the planet like it! It is backed by a "$3000. Guarantee" to be as effective and powerful when demonstrated as described.

"See the $3000. Challenge"

The Quantum Qube can be used by more than one person. You can put several DNA samples in the Qube... as many as will fit and even animals.

Once the lid is closed any DNA samples in the Qube will be in the Scalar energy field.

From my observations I've seen some remarkable things. I have a lady friend who almost lost her cat from bladder and kidney problems about 6 years ago.

She started giving the cat the "BioScalar energized water" and he never had another problem for over 5 years and lived to be 19.

I have a lady who is 86 and over 9 years ago she had been diagnosed with Parkinson's and had slight tremors and had been prescribed medication and was per-diabetic.

Since she has been exposed to this BioScalar Energy for over 9 years... she doesn't have any symptons and is in better health than her family.

Everybody I've been following over the years who have been my test subjects always show their internal organs balanced when I test them.

The Flyer comes with the Quantum Qube. It's simple you put DNA samples as many as you want and close the lid. Throw it in a drawer and forget about it and you are in the BioScalar Multi-Dimensional Energy Field...24/7 no matter where you are at... with enhanced mental powers!

Since its subtle energy there's no visible proof of anything happening. You don't feel anything...but it is having a healthy effect on your body internally.

You don't feel your organs when they are in balance or when they are out of balance... only when symptoms of illness show up do you notice something is not right.

They key is to keep the body in balance and this is what I've discovered this technology does... on a grand amplified scale!

What I've also discovered is that the technology protects the body from cell phone and emf radiation from the inside out since it energizes the body fluids.

Every cell is then bathed in this "bio-energized water." This can also be demonstrated.

I know of nothing else that can do that. That's why it's so important to show the proof with a personal demonstration.

Being a skeptic I wouldn’t' believe such wild claims without seeing the proof in person. That's the reason I stand apart. I offer a "$3000 Challenge." on the BioScalar Energized Water and also on the Quantum Qube and Star Shell.

I can prove they work as advertised.

Most people can't believe that's possible. It sounds too far out and unbelievable! I make no claims I can’t support... and that’s why a personal demonstration is so important and why I offer a “3000 Challenge.”... that it’s real.

Here is a response from a customer from Hong Kong. "Your products are really amazing!" "I have used “muscle testing” technique to test the Electro Magnetic Field tolerance of 4 persons before and after drinking the energized water.

It showed the tolerance level went up high after drinking the energized water. And the difference was so big that those people thought I was playing some “magic” with them!" JY, Hong Kong.




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