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"The $3000.Challenge & Guarantee"

I have a $3000 Challenge for anyone that can produce any kind of water or ANY natural nutritional product that is more powerful and healthier "energetically" than the BioScalar Energized Water...that can be demonstrated on the spot.

This technology is based on BioScalar Quantum Physics and can take water or any natural nutritional product to a level never seen before.

I can demonstrate the technology and can make a glass of water more powerful than ANY so called energized structured water and more powerful than any nutritional supplement in the health food store or on the planet.

No hype and wild claims that can't be demonstrated. I demonstrate it on the spot.

The body can actually detect the energy field from the water over 20 feet away.

Know anyone that has any kind of structured energized water or natural nutritional product that they'd like to compare and possibly make an easy $3000. As a referral...You would also make $3000 if they win the Challenge!

The Guarantee also applies to the Star Shell and Quantum Qube... to be as effective and powerful when demonstrated as described.

How many products do you know of that stands by their claims and backs it up with a "$3000. Guarantee?"