BioSpiritual Scalar Health Technologies

The Spiritual Science of Health

Commercial Application to Your Products

The technological advances in technology and quantum physics have now created an opportunity in the wellness industry that can dramatically increase your sales and income without adding anything physically to your current products.

Energetically enhancing nutritional supplements with health frequencies can be demonstrated to show immediate benefits to the consumer unlike anything on the market.

 BioScalar Health Technologies transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary to offer consumers a unique experience unlike anything on the market today!

Consumers can instantly benefit from the only BioScalar technology on the market that can be demonstrated to show immediate harmonizing and balancing effects.

This technology makes it easy! By simply consuming nutritional products or drinking water that has been BioEnergeticlly restructured to balance the body’s energy, the consumer can instantly optimize health by restoring harmony and balance that supports wellness.

The Marketing Opportunity is Enormous! 

When the body’s energy is balanced, the body is in harmony, alleviating stress from any organ that is out of balance.

By harmonizing or equalizing energy within the body, normal functioning of each organ can better facilitate health and wellness by doing its job more efficiently.

By consuming the BioEnergeticlly enhanced products on a regular basis the body can be kept in tune.

What is Scalar Energy? Scalar energy is a subtle energy able to pass through solid objects in its path to imprint its signature or frequencies on objects, such as natural nutritional products and water.

It essentially then becomes a vibrational remedy, imprinted with subtle energy patterns that promote wellness. Likewise, homeopathy also uses trace signatures of various substances to support wellness.

Since the signal itself can take the place of a substance in initiating a biological response, water and natural nutritional products becomes the perfect carrier for health promoting frequencies.

Since water has the power to receive, store and transfer vital energy, by consuming the BioScalar enhanced products, the body chooses and resonates with the frequencies it needs to restore cellular balance and harmony.

What Have Scientist Discovered about Scalar Energy?

Scientists have discovered that every molecule and cell in our body emits its own distinct frequency for communication and our cells are in constant communication.

Every cell vibrates like a little tuning fork.

Health begins at the cellular level and is a reflection of this vibrational frequency and amplitude.

The implications are profound since all life is energy, and every nerve impulse in the body is electrical.

By giving the body healthy bioenergy frequencies, it can respond in positive ways to promote wellness naturally thorough subtle bioscalar wave energy signatures.

By consuming BioScalar enhanced natural health products or water they then become the carrier and the numerous frequencies are immediately transferred to the body to enhance wellness and vitality.

Since scalar energy is in the quantum field, its properties are distinctly different than those of electro magnetism which are governed by Newtonian and Hertzian principles.

What Are the Benefits of consuming BioScalar Enhanced Nutritional Products?

Since water has the capability to receive and transfer vital energy, by offering the body a buffet of energy frequencies from which to choose, the optimum environment for wellness can be created.

This can be done by simply energetically altering the structure of water alone or in nutritional products.

The subtle trace signatures deliver the vibrational remedy to energetically support the body’s overall health and wellness for maximum performance.

The body will innately choose what it needs for specific effects and physical functions, it is completely natural with not a single substance added.

How Does the Equipment Operate?

With ease and simplicity, the multitude of beneficial frequencies are instantly transferred and imprinted in the nutritional products and water through a quantum-energetic field emitted from a small transmitter as the bottles move along the production line.

Without changing your current manufacturing facilities, the production remains the same except for relabeling the product to reflect the health benefits of the naturally BioEnergeticlly activated products.

What Maintenance is required for the Technology?

The innovative technology is virtually maintenance free. No expensive maintenance and repair, no downtime, and no hassle!

The convenience of operation and the benefits are profound. Products enhanced with the technology test many times more powerful than those from any other technology.

What is the Cost of Implementing BioScalar Technology?

By forming an alliance BioScalar Health Technologies will offer a licensing agreement that provides enormous profit potential using this cutting edge technology. This will be a win - win situation for your company, as well as for the retailer and the consumer.

There is no purchase investment in the equipment which will be on loan, and the production facilities remain unchanged, just re-labeling the products to reflect the health benefits.

The products can easily be imprinted at the production site. Are Other Companies Using Scalar Technology? There is No competition as no other company is producing bioscalar nutritionally enhanced water or nutritional products with over a million frequencies of health and wellness.

We now offer the solution to provide an efficient and effective product for mass production with no competition! This has been the culmination of over 20+ years of research and development.

Your company can lead the field through a new paradigm by offering the solution to the two biggest problems we have today.

Your products can provide the body with BioScalar quantum wave frequencies of nutritional health and wellness that instantly provides the body with the missing nutrition energetically.

At the same time will protect the body from the damaging effects of emf and cell phone radiation, from the inside out. Both can easily be demonstrated to the consumer on the spot.

What Does This Mean for Your Company?

By having a product in the health and nutrition market based on leading edge quantum physics and unlike anything else on the planet that can blow your competition away can only spell success and profits.

Imagine having a Unique Selling Proposition with a line of products that can be marketed as being BioEnergeticlly enhanced with harmonizing and wellness frequencies that are unlike any other products on the market.

Unique visual health benefits that can be demonstrated to the consumer immediately. Imagine the benefits of a loyal customer base that it will create!

BioScalar enhanced products offer the consumer the quickest and easiest innovation that delivers dynamic wellness support that they can see and believe in.

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