BioSpiritual Scalar Health Technologies

The Spiritual Science of Health

Modern Western Medicine is based on Newtonian Physics and treats the body as a self repairing machine. That works great when dealing with trauma and injury, but is a failure when it comes to degenerative disease.

There they only treat the symptoms with poisonous drugs. BioSpiritual Scalar Health Technologies goes outside the box of traditional medical thinking and explores our Spiritual being at the Quantum level.

Quantum Physics deals with Subtle Energy Fields and the subatomic reality of the Spiritual part of ourselves. Everything is Energy at the Quantum level.

All life is Intelligent Consciousness at this subatomic Spiritual (non physical, non religious) realm.

Subtle Energy is the energy field in the sub-atomic world, different in nature than electro-magnetic energy, which is the basic energy of the physical world.

This Subtle Energy influences subatomic particles, which are really energy patterns, and does not interact directly with the particles of matter. That is why science cannot detect subtle energy directly. BUT THE BODY CAN!

We are living Spiritual Beings of Conscious Intelligence that is interacting with its environment and radiating and receiving Subtle Energy Patterns.

These Subtle Energy Patterns are a direct reflection of our state of health. If we can communicate with this intelligence and observe these energy patterns we can locate imbalances of life energy in our cells which make up our tissues, organs and whole body.

BioSpiritual Health Analysis can do that. If all of our energy patterns are balanced then we don’t have a health problem.

BioScalar Energy can influence, restore and balance our cellular energy patterns with life supporting nutritional energy of health and wellness.

Diseases are in reality just labels of symptoms of the body under stress and out of balance.

This technology does not deal with disease and has nothing to do with treating disease. It is not designed to diagnose, prevent, treat, take the place of drug treatment or cure any disease.

The only way you can legally treat disease in this country is to be a medical doctor, prescribing a licensed drug, approved by the FDA. Your body is the healer.

Your body has the incredible intelligence and ability to cure itself of any dysfunction if you give it what it’s designed to have. This technology acknowledges this Spiritual Intelligence, communicates and works with this Spiritual Energy.

Explore this site and allow yourself to think outside the box and discover the possibilities.